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Legalization of Marijuana

April 19, 2017

Is your Condo Ready for the Legalization of Marijuana?

Ventilation in some of these multi family buildings could pose a threat to young families or people with health issues... time will tell as to how the government plans on respecting everyone's rights.

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Discrimination concerning meetings

April 23, 2017

Can a condo owners’ meeting be discriminatory?

Tribunal dismisses applications in case of gathering held on religious holiday

This article speaks to so much concerning attendance at meetings...

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Respectful Communication

May 7, 2017

Be respectful to one another. Sometimes when feeling we are not being heard, emotions can run higher than normal. It is important to be careful when approaching people when in this state of mind. All owners represent the corporation...

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A Clear Path Forward...

May 26, 2017

This holds true for a lot of Condominium Corporations in Alberta also. Further to this article the question needs to be asked why Airbnb is choosing to contravene the rules of a corporation? Or is there something more... in Alberta the Hotel Motel Act that assists in defining housing definitions also. In addition to various other Acts that play a role in the running and day to day operations of a corporation. For a property manager it is important to have knowledge as to how these Acts may govern each other.